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Excel Word Applications Problems

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Error Message: – When we tried to open the word or excel document from the document Library, it opens in internet explorer instead of office application.
Normally, this problem persists only with few document Libraries and specific with word documents or Excel Documents.
We start troubleshooting in SharePoint and suggested customer that this problem lies with the document Library and Might be corrupt. We quickly create new document library and issue resolved.
But this problem does not have any relation with the SharePoint.
1. Open My computer
2. Click on Tools
3. Folder Options
4. File Types
5. One window will open in which multiple files types with extensions are mentioned [Name of the window:- Registered File Types]
6. Select the file extension [e.g. .doc ,.xls,xlsx etc]
7. Click on Advanced
8. You will get three options as Confirm open after download, always shows extension, Browse in same window.
9. If browse in the same window is checked then unchecked that option
10. Save and Ok.


Written by Yagyashree

January 29, 2009 at 7:00 pm

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