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SharePoint Full Farm Backup Using Central Administration Page

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1. Symptom –

–>You are trying to perform SharePoint farm backup from central administration on to a remote location whose address is  \\backupservername\sharepointbackup but it is not making any progress or showing any status change on the page “Backup and restore status” page i.e. Backupstatus.aspx

–>It only shows the message “There are no current or recent backup or restore processes to show. If you recently started a backup or restore process, you may need to refresh this page after several minutes for it to appear.”

2. Cause –

–>SharePoint server did not had the proper permission on the server

3. Resolution –

–>You need to add the SharePoint server name i.e. “<Domain name>\sharepointservername$” to the UNC path location \\backupservername\sharepointbackup with “Full control” permission

4. Environment

SQL Server

SharePoint Server

Backup Server


All in same domain but three different machines


Written by Yagyashree

May 27, 2009 at 2:53 am

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