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SharePoint, WSS & MOSS: Inheretance permission and breaking the permission

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== We have a SharePoint site

== We created a new SharePoint site with unique permissions

== We Went to site permission of this site and added user with [READ] permission.

== We went to document library settings now ==> Clicked on permission for this document library –> and added the user there

== When we inherit the permission ==> it works fine

== but after breaking the inheritance also we are able to browse the shared documents wherein we are supposed to get access denied.

== That means users could view parts of their SharePoint website when the user does not have access to the site/list.

== Enabled the Anonymous access on the web application level

== Went to the settings of top level site to see how Anonymous access was enables

== Found that Anonymous access was enabled for entire site

== Change it to “nothing” and disabled the Anonymous access .

== Disable the Anonymous access from the web application level

== Checke the issue and it should working as expected.


Written by Yagyashree

July 3, 2009 at 2:37 am

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