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A day in SharePoint Admin

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I had recently created MySite in SharePoint 2010. The database is used from a MOSS 2007 farm, which have been upgraded to SharePoint 2010. I was trying to create a wiki library with some pages inside it to enable Rating system for pages and libraries. By going to library setting, i was not able to find this option. 

I then did the best thing i do, googled it and found that the site should have the these two features enabled in order to get this setting: 

site collection feature – SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure

Manage Site features – SharePoint Server Publishing 

When i tried to enable the “SharePoint Server Publishing” it was asking to enable the “site collection features” first. 

I went to enable the “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure” but each time i was getting the below error message: 

One or more field types are not installed properly. Go to the list settings page to delete these fields. 

I then deleted the wiki library completely which i created to do some test and tried to enable the feature again but still i got the same error. 

I then did some research again and found following links:  

This links talk about finding a hidden list i.e. http://(yoursiteurl)/Relationships%20List/allitems.aspx and recreate the list. 

I opened the MySite in SharePoint Designer 2010 but i pulled my hair out to no avail as the list was not showing anywhere. 

Finally i notices that i use a RSS viewer web part to pull some comic site


I removed that RSS viewer webpart from the top page of Mysite. 

Again tried to activate the “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure” and WALLAAH!! The feature is activated successfully. 

Just another day of sharepoint Admin. Cheers!!


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January 20, 2011 at 12:41 pm

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