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Changing SharePoint Site Access request email

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In a SharePoint site collection, when you want to change site access request email on all levels of sites and subsites below it, then we can use below powershell script to achieve this easily:

Script :
$content = Get-Content C:\scripts\owners.txt
foreach($tsite in $content)
$site = Get-SpSite $tsite
foreach($tempweb in $site.AllWebs)

                $str = $tempweb.RequestAccessEmail.ToLower()
                if(($str -eq “Email Address old 1”) -or ($str -eq “Email Address Old 2”))
                                $tempweb.RequestAccessEmail = “Email Address New”
                                $tempweb.Url | out-file C:\scripts\SiteEmailUpdate.txt -append -width 1000
                                Write-Host $tempweb.Url



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September 22, 2012 at 3:31 pm

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