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DocAve: cannot copy/move List to Library or Library to List. Please select another node.

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When trying to run a list library migration from source to destination, you will receive below error message on DocAve Console which will not allow to initiate the migration itself.

This occurs when you have a list already present on destination with all the columns same as source.


Cannot copy/move List to Library or Library to List. Please select another node.



This is by Design.

DocAve tries to match List Template Type as soon as you highlight source and destination list libraries i.e. ctx.ListTemplateType

If the source and destination have unique (different) IDs for ctx.ListTemplateType 

Then the job it self will not be created by DocAve console.


There is not much options available for this issue. We tried following:

Option 1

Migrate the entire source list to destination site collection as a new list library


Option 2

Using any method possible, change the Destination List Template Type to match with Source List Template Type.



Here is the attach list template type file provide by Microsoft, Which are Out Of Box list types. ListTypesAndTemplateIDs

You can find your List Template ID by following Praveen Hebbar post here

This issue occurs due to custom list created using code or any other method on destination site collection.


Written by Yagyashree

March 19, 2016 at 5:55 am

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