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If you have document in sharepoint site & sign up for the subscription to receive alerts, it sends the 1st email but after changes to document does not receive any subsequent alerts

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1. Symptom –

–>You have a SharePoint site url in the current server farm where site is configured to hit the server named “SHAREPOINT1” & “SHAREPOINT2”, which a Network Load Balanced

–>You go to a document library inside this site and upload any office document [word, excel]

–>You then specifically subscribe for immediate alerts on that particular document for any changes done

–>You receive the initial alert stating that you have been subscribed for alert

–>You then check-out the document and open it for editing

–>You type and update the document and then check-in the major version of the document

–>After doing these changes you are unable to receive subsequent alert on the document

–>The issue started occurring after you made changes in “exchange server”, “SMTP service on SHAREPOINT1” and “Outgoing email settings”

2. Cause –

 –>This is By-Design as per my best knowledge
3. Resolution –

–> SharePoint is designed to use “Anonymous Authentication” while using SMTP service to send emails

–>When we are make a check in Active Directory under any security group for “From Authenticated Users Only”, it is trying to access the SMTP service with authentication which SharePoint will deny.

–>The possible workaround is to go ahead and use the SMTP service running on the SharePoint server with following settings as follows and relay it to the exchange server

1. First we will make changes central admin–operations–Outgoing email settings; we need to have following settings:

Outbound SMTP server: SHAREPOINT1
From Address:
Reply-to Address:
Character Set: 65001 (Unicode UTF-8)


2. Now we need to do following changes in SMTP services running in IIS manager of SHAREPoint1, we have to do following settings:

Default SMTP Virtual Server
Domains: sharepoint1

ACCESS tab–Access Control–Authentication:
[checked] Anonymous Access
[checked] Integrated Windows Authentication

ACCESS tab–Relay Restrictions–Relay:
Only the list below:
<Add exchange server ID>
<Add SharePoint server ID>
[checked]Allow all computers which successfully authenticate to relay, regardless of the list above.

DELIVERY tab–Outbound Security:
Integrate Windows Authenticate
Account: contoso\spadmin
password: ****

DELIVERY tab–Advanced Delivery:
Maximum hop count: 15
Masquerade domain:
Fully-qualified domain name:
Smart host:


3. Now go to your SharePoint site and add the security group with at least READ permission

4. Now we need to follow the same steps of i.e.

 a. Add the security group to subscribe alerts on the specific document inside the document library
 b. Make sure you recovered initial alert
 c. Check-out the document
 d. Perform editing in the document
 e. save the changes and check-in the document
 f. make sure you received the subsequent email


Written by Yagyashree

August 20, 2009 at 12:56 am

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