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Moving SharePoint server from One Domain to a different Domain

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–>You are trying to move the SharePoint server and SharePoint site users from an existing domain to a new domain in the same network


You are trying to move an existing SharePoint server with content from the original domain (olddomain/ to a new domain (newdomain /   The users were not migrated.   The users were created from scratch so the unique IDs are different.

There are two method which can be followed to fix the issue with domain migration between sharepoint farms:

Method 1:
1> Backup the complete environment.
Navigate to Central Administration -> Operations -> Perform a Backup and backup
entire farm. If there is any problem with UI then use command line option:

stsadm -o backup -directory c:\backup – backupmethod full

2> Run the products and configuration wizard to break the configuration.
3> Remove from existing domain.
4> Join to New domain.
5> Run the products and Configuration wizard and configure the new SharePoint
6> Restore the web applications
7> Note:- Don’t restore the configuration wizard and Administration Content

Method 2:
1.    Take the SharePoint farm backup from old SharePoint server
2.    Created a new server in the new domain
3.    Install SQL standard edition on the same server
4.    Install MOSS 2007 as COMPLETE installations
5.    Connect it to the SQL server by running the SharePoint products and technology wizard
6.    Restore the old SharePoint farm back to the newly install SharePoint server
7.    Created security groups in the active directory and add users inside the group
8.    Go to the newly restore SharePoint site and add those security groups with appropriate permission


Written by Yagyashree

June 16, 2009 at 1:12 am

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  1. I have local machine with Wiindows 7 & SharePoint 2010 installed. It’s in work-group environment & not in domain. Now i have joined that machine into domain “” but when i try to resolve domain users from people picker, it’s not resolving or finding domain users.

    I know this will not work as SharePoint 2010 is installed using local computer account & not domain account.
    let me know how to configure sharepoint so that i can add domain users in it.

    omkar damle

    May 29, 2014 at 1:27 pm

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