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Sharepoint & VISTA: Getting prompted for Credentials when opening office documents

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–>you are trying to open Office documents like doc, xls, ppt from your SharePoint site on Windows VISTA machine

–>Whenever you click on any of the document names, you get prompted for Credentials twice but when you cancel them, the documents open fine

–>the issue does not occur on the SharePoint server and on Windows XP



Solution 1:


Please follow the below Microsoft article to fix the problem

You are prompted to enter your credentials when you access an FQDN site by using a Windows Vista-based client computer that has no proxy configured

Solution 2:


Use the different browser instead of IE [internet Explorer] on the specific client machine where problem is occurring

Solution 3:


Enable Forms Based Authentication on your site

Provide improved client integration user experience with Form Based Authentication. Now the client application can store user credentials instead of asking for them every time. For more technical details please refer to the updated articles on TechNet. Configure forms-based authentication (Office SharePoint Server)

Solution 4:


This might have a security related issue.

Go to IE7 -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings.

Behavior 1: Clearing all checkboxes on this dialog will cause the credential prompt.

Behavior 2: Automatically detect settings – enabling this option will prevent the prompt if it effectively enables a proxy server and enables bypassing the proxy for local addresses.

Behavior 3: “Use a proxy server for your LAN” – enabling a proxy server in conjunction with enabling “Bypass proxy server for local addresses” will prevent the credential prompt.



Written by Yagyashree

May 9, 2009 at 2:28 am

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