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Unable to get results to show with the site host header on the RSS search result page

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1. Symptom –

–You have a sharepoint site in you sharepoint farm

–>When you try to perform a simple search for a word like “college” it gives you appropriate results on the searchcenter page with the URL showing with the host headers like “”

–>On the Searchcenter page you get a link on the right hand site called “RSS”

–>when you click on the RSS link you are taken to a different page which displays results but without host headers i.e. default server name:port number like “http://sharepoint:8001”

–>Unable to get the results with the host header in the RSS

2. Cause –

–>It was a know issue in SharePoint

3. Resolution –

–>As it was a known issue our product team developed a solution which is included in newly released Service Pack 2 for MOSS 2007

–>You updated your farm environment by installing the SP2 and checked the issue

–>It was showing the correct results according to the alternate access mapping settings

4. More Information –

You configure different URLs by using the Alternative Access Mapping option in SharePoint Server 2007. However, the URLs in the RSS feed of the search results always display the default URLs that are defined in the default zone instead of the correct URLs that are defined in the Alternative Access Mapping option.


Written by Yagyashree

June 2, 2009 at 3:21 am

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